Job posting — Electronic Media Coordinator, UAB

Here’s job posting sent to us by:
Andrea Reiber, Manager of Electronic Media, UAB Office of Media Relations

The details are below or access it at, then click Job Openings and then University Employment Opportunities.

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Broadcast Media Relations Manager, this position will coordinate and implement new media strategies and initiatives. Will lead the collaborative efforts with all Public Relations and Marketing units, as well as other university entities, to explore/research new media opportunities, to develop and implement new media strategies and projects. For example, Pod casting, blogging, incorporating new audio, video and web-based technologies into the university’s media relations, marketing, public relations, publications, and Web communications plans. Understand the university’s business models and goals, and develop interactive strategies that will achieve objectives and support the brand identity. Assists staff with interactive media strategies. Handles editing video and audio content for use in new media strategies (i.e. new media press releases). Department strongly prefers proficiency with internet browsers (Explorer, Safari, and Firefox) Mac and windows applications (pring & online) environ. Must have strong written and verbal communication skills, and must have hands-on experience in social media, blogging, podcasting etc. Note: All candidate must have all of the above strongly preferred skills, no exceptions. The primary duties include coordinating and implementing new media strategies, helping Media Relations staff develop and guide interactive media strategies, developing news releases, podcast, and manage internet media relations. Also responsible for launching, maintaining, and evaluating aggressive social networking campaign. Additional duties include managing RSS (Really Simple Syndication feeds to allow for receiving UAB news), and website monitoring. The Annual Salary Range is $43,200 – $54,000 – $66,000

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelors Degree preferably in English, Communications or a related field and at least three years of experience in an electronic media or broadcast environment, preferably in a publications (online and print) setting. Proficiency using internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Firefox, etc.) Strong written, verbal and electronic communications skills. Experience using Mac based software and applications, as well as Windows applications.

2 responses to “Job posting — Electronic Media Coordinator, UAB

  1. I was wandering if there were any openings in the clergy dept.
    I’m a baptist preacher and a deacon at my church. I would be willing to work on the weekends and if it is not a paying job,I will volunteer my time.
    UAB saved my life and I would love to do something for UAB.

    God Bless

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