Young Women’s Empowerment Conference wins cash award

Young Women's Empowerment Conference

The Young Women’s Empowerment Conference provides
teens with a free opportunity to meet and learn
from community leaders.

Media of Birmingham is pleased to award its remaining funds to the Young Women’s Empowerment Conference. This Birmingham-based nonprofit organization will receive a one-time gift of $797.30.

In looking for a local group that serves media professionals, Young Women’s Empowerment Conference stood out easily among applicants. Executive director Chianti Cleggett founded the organization in 2008.

The special giveaway was announced in October.

Conference marketing director Jessica Vance nominated her group. She said the mission is “to empower Birmingham-area girls to believe that their futures hold big things.”

The free event features Birmingham natives talking about overcoming great obstacles, starting their own businesses, financial knowledge and more. Those speakers include a professional working in journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations or new media.

She added that the organization holds monthly meetings for its teen ambassadors board.

The gift will help the Young Women’s Empowerment Conference continue to bring media leaders to their audience. The fourth annual edition takes place March 30.

Young Women’s Empowerment Conference:


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