Photos from Monday Bloody Monday

Emily and Wade

Emily and Wade. Photo by Bob Farley,

U2 rocked the house, or at least, the WorkPlay this week for the MOB’s July event. About two dozen MOBsters mixed and mingled, while raising $127 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Matt and Misty won our door prize package for biggest contribution. Thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters for donating items.

A special thanks to Bob Farley of f8 Photo and Mojo Denbow of Photo Mojo for these wonderful pics. Plus, here’s Mojo’s post on the event.

Check out photos from our July event. (Slideshow)

James, John and Wade

James (facing away), John and Wade. Photo by Mojo Denbow,

Adrienne and André

Adrienne and André. Photo by Bob Farley,

Chianti, Hank and Jason

Chianti, Hank, Jason, and Adrienne (in background). Photo by Mojo Denbow,

Chianti and Jason

Chianti and Jason. Photo by Bob Farley,

Bob, Misty, and Matt

Bob, Misty, and Matt. Photo by Mojo Denbow,

Misty and Emily

Misty and Emily. Photo by Bob Farley,

Wade, Robin, Christina, Libby

Wade, Robin, Christina, Libby. Photo by Mojo Denbow,

Hanging out in the WorkPlay bar

Hanging out in the WorkPlay bar. Photo by Bob Farley,

Kyle, Vickii, Robin, Hank and Jason

Kyle, Vickii, Robin (facing away), Hank and Jason. Photo by Mojo Denbow,

Matt, Emily and Erin

Matt, Emily and Erin (facing away). Photo by Bob Farley,

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