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From Tina Hatch:

I’m the editor of Lipstick magazine, a new magazine for Birmingham women age 30 to 50. Lipstick bills itself as “smart, fun and fearless,” and we’re looking for writers, artists and photographers who share those qualities (or at least aspire to them).

We’re looking for writers who can write features, profiles, short articles, etc. in a conversational tone. We assign 90 percent of our stories, but we also welcome queries. Artists are needed for cover art as well as for subjects of potential profiles. We like to profile at least one local artist per month.

We’re looking for freelancers, all experience levels. I don’t care as much about background as I do the ability to tell a great story, whether it’s through words or art. Interested parties can send clips or a link to their Web site.

Contact her at

15 responses to “Freelance – Lipstick

  1. sherry carroll rollins

    women in Bham and your publication could benefit from a new name for Lipstick.
    I feel that the name lipstick conjures up images of women as fashionistas, girlfriends, glamour girls, models and not very deep thinkers. I personally would enjoy more articles about issues facing women today, such as safety issues for women in a time where we continue to see young girls and women abused and disposed of by males in this country and others. Why don’t we seriously examine the candidates for the upcoming elections- informative articles stating what each politicians policies for women include. Why can’t we deal with articles about businesses where women can excel and businesses who cater to women offering competitive wages, childcare, etc.?

    Is Birmingham really a city of women who wear lipstick, high heels, lunch and pick up the kids and drycleaning? I think we’re a lot more. My friends over 50 in the Mountain Brook area all agree that it is time for a change for women in Birmingham and are we really gonna be taken seriously reading lipstick and watching “chick” flicks???????Please consider our suggestions.

  2. sherry carroll rollins


  3. Any suggestions for a better name? Skirt? Ms. 2.0?

  4. Lipstick, I like the name. The name lets the new reader know that this is a publication for; guess what….. your tatget audiance WOMEN. I wear lipstick, actualy I wont go out the door without my fav shade of Merle Norman. ( dont tell my sister the Mary Kay director) Whats in a name anyway…….everything ! Keep the name.

    Gina of Gadsden
    by way of Carson City NV

  5. Beverly Gregg

    Leave the name alone… While I understand where the first comment placers is coming from this name does let everyone know it’s a mag for women…Inside you can read and print whatever but the outside should firmly state “I’M ALL ABOUT SOME WOMEN READING ME….PICK ME UP”

  6. I love the name and the magazine. I read it every time I come home. A male friend recommended it to me today.
    One day I am going to polish my writing skills and submit a piece

    • Sherry is correct…we need contrived importance regarding glamour, fashion, peep toe platform high heels and details on how to apply false eyelashes like we need Vegetarian Animal Crackers. Do we really need Jefferson County Housewives reality in the form of a magazine? It’s like watching a tampon commercial and 8 p.m.? Do you really need to advertise how sexy wearing a tampon can be? Or better yet, Viagra? Come on REALLY! Grandpa, let’s do the wild thang with Grandma! Yeah right! Grandpa’s lookin’ for a good catholic girl like Madonna.

      Maybe that’s why Lipstick failed? (paste and copy this link into your browser)

      Lipstick’s content was as important as Taylor Swift’s latest (and her 12th boyfriend) and why she can’t keep one. I’m looking forward to Taylor’s new song, ‘Maybe I’m the PROBLEM’? When you play it backwards it sounds like ONCE YOU GET MARRIED YOU’RE EITHER BAKING IT OR FAKING IT.

      There are no magazines that brilliantly, comedically and scrupulously depict real county housewife life. No publications be it paper or digital make it interesting to see the upside and downside of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The importance of glamour, fashion, peep toe platform high heels and all things false is always the content and this will be the downfall of America…the hospitality and entertainment Czar of the world (all brought to you by paid politicians with lipstick on their collars).

      GREAT POST SHERRY! (the sound of applause & shrill whistles)

  7. Clearly Sherry has never read the magazine. People love to comment on things they’ve never read/watched/experienced. Get over yourself.

  8. I wasn’t all that thrilled when I found out that the new magazine I would helm was already called “Lipstick.” Can you imagine anything more superficial? (Then I remembered that, at any given time, I carry about 17 tubes of the stuff in my purse.) But the name stuck.
    Now we just work really hard to make sure the content inside the covers is about the full depth and range of the female experience in Birmingham.
    Sherry is absolutely right in her comments. Why can’t a women’s magazine talk about those serious issues and more? We agreed, and that’s what we do in Lipstick. (We like to have some fun, too.)
    Pick up a copy of Lipstick, judge for yourself and let us know if you like what you read.
    Tina Hatch
    Editor in Chief
    Lipstick Magazine

  9. Lipstick is a catchy name. I actually don’t wear lipstick, just a bit of gloss. The name caught my eye and now I read every issue. Lipstick, it is sassy, saucy, and strong!

  10. ok, so the other day I picked up an issue of the magazine (mainly because of the name!:) ) and was only slightly impressed. I found lots of articles with a lot of ideas for way OVER priced items from way OVER priced stores ( a dog store to be exact) and got to wondering if this is just a magazine to show off a certain group of girlfriends circle and the “wonderful” stuff their stores carry. Just a thought. Maybe you should look around at the other stores that carry water bowls for $3 cheaper.

    Kind of annoyed,
    Linsie G

  11. Linsie G,

    Wow. Sorry you’re so upset over $3. Where would you suggest that Lipstick look for products? Large chain stores? Sure, they may carry the items for cheaper but Lipstick likes to keep it LOCAL. Not sure what “group of girlfriends” you’re talking about. We try to approach a variety of businesses when putting together stories that feature products. Some people say no; some people say yes. We have no control over who says yes or no or how much people charge for their products. If we like the product and the seller agrees to let us use it, it’s going in the magazine. As much as we’d love to, we can’t spend all day every day looking for cheap doggie water bowls. Thanks for reading!

    Nadria T

  12. Iwould love to talk to you about your magazine.
    Good luck with your endeavor!!
    susan oliver

  13. I love the name! That is what actually caught my attention a few months ago when I ran across the first copy I ever saw a few months ago. I love the mag, the art, everything about it! As modern women, we ARE lipstick ~ colorful, protective, smooth, and you just can’t leave home without us!




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