Love being your own boss but miss the watercooler?

Former News staffer-turned-freelance-writer Gigi Douban is starting a co-working group since, in her words, working from home can get pretty boring. Come on, who are you going to gossip about? The cat? So she’s inviting other freelancers — writers, photographers, Web developers, whatever — to pool the ol’ creative juices every now and then.

Join the group Coworking Birmingham (and the Media of Birmingham group too while you’re there) on Facebook. As soon as she gets some folks signed up, the group will plan its first co-working session. For more infomation, e-mail Gigi at or message her on Facebook.

One response to “Love being your own boss but miss the watercooler?

  1. First co-working session is April 2 from 9-11 a.m. at Java & Jams downtown. Come and go as you please.

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