Possible SPJ workshop on social media and journalists

A note from Jenn Rowell, president of the Alabama chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists:

Save the date for our next program, June 24 and/or June 25.

We’re going to focus on Twitter, social media and how journalists can use those tools to enhance coverage and generate Web traffic. Some of us use it, some of us don’t, so let’s discuss pros and cons, best practices, neat tricks, how-tos and lingo. (See “The Twitter Explosion” from the American Journalism Review.)

Here are possible plans:

  • Host one in Prattville, since it’s sort of (although not really) a halfway point for Montgomery and Birmingham folks.
  • Or host one in Montgomery and one in Birmingham (like we’ve done on several occasions).

If y’all could weigh in on what you would prefer and if any of you use Twitter and social media on a regular basis and would like to help facilitate discussion, let me know at AlabamaPro.SPJ[at]gmail.com. I have a few in mind, but am always looking for fresh faces!


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