What are attendees saying about MOB events?

We usually survey attendees to find out what they like (and dislike) about our events.

Here are a few recent comments explaining why they (and you) drop by our monthly events.

• “I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I also left with a few job leads.”

• “I’m usually very shy, but everyone at MOB made me feel at ease right away. I felt comfortable and welcome, and I had a great time!”

“It put me in contact with people in my field and in adjacent fields.”

• “Casual, low-key way to meet new people in the industry.”

“It is a great way to network and also see friends in a relaxed atmosphere.”

• “I met some new people.”

“This was a fun event and it gave me a chance to network with professionals in my field.”

• “I enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with a few new faces in such a nice, open atmosphere.”

“I met people I did not know as well as connected with ones I have not seen in a while.”

• “It was lovely to meet people in such a wonderful environment!”

Don’t miss out: Check out our next event and be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

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