Bessemer weekly newspaper Western Tribune folds

The Western Tribune has folded after 3 years. The Bessemer weekly newspaper ended with this cryptic post on its site.

The Tribune competed with the Western Star, a weekly newspaper founded in 1983.

The Tribune publisher has not responded to our request for comment.

Also: Bhamwiki entry on both papers

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6 responses to “Bessemer weekly newspaper Western Tribune folds

  1. Well, it’s official, I’m no longer a local paper junkie. Used to pick them up compulsively, but this paper existed for three years in my county and I never even heard of it.

  2. For those of you who missed it, The Trib was started by the former editor and publisher of the Western Star, who was fired from that position by its publisher. He, with the backing of some politically like-minded individuals, started the Trib. It was a pretty sorry excuse for a newspaper, not that The Star is much better. I’m really surprised the paper lasted as long as it did. (Ironically, some of their news racks were purchased from the old owner of a paper I worked for, the now-defunct Hoover Gazette.)

    • We would think the smaller papers would have an easier go of surviving the advertising downturn, but maybe Bessemer can support only 1 paper.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Robert Carter

        I would agree. I don’t know of any market right now, except for the nation’s largest cities, that can support more than one newspaper right now. The Trib was founded more for spite and revenge than anything else. That might have worked years ago, but not now.

    • Robert- Could you tell me the name of the person who was fired, then started the Tribune? Personal interest.

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