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The future of Media of Birmingham

First call for volunteer board members

MOB audience

When we founded Media of Birmingham in 2003, it was our hope that this organization serve the needs of our community and our industry through networking, camaraderie, training and discussion.

With just two of us working on events and membership, we’ve reached the point where we need to organize a core group of volunteers to keep the MOB strong into the next decade. That means more programming, better marketing and more consistent recruitment and dialogue.

This is the first step.

In the next few months, we’ll form and train a volunteer board and turn over the reins. You will have opportunities to plan events, recruit members, develop training sessions and panels, promote group activities and more.

But before that can happen, we need you to apply.

Please take a few minutes to sign up online if you’re interested. If you have questions, contact us.


Photo by J&M Photography and Design