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EXCLUSIVE: Birmingham magazine hires Thicket’s editor-in-chief, advertising director

After the departure of five staff members at Birmingham magazine in July, including editor Joe O’Donnell and advertising director Cathy Fingerman, Media of Birmingham has learned about two hires from Birmingham-based Thicket magazine.

Julie KeithJulie Keith, Thicket’s editor-in-chief and co-owner, will serve as the new editor for Birmingham magazine. Before, she was executive editor of Birmingham-based Portico magazine and managing editor for the Better Homes and Gardens Crafts Group. Keith was a panelist at Media of Birmingham’s Freelancers Forum in September. Her husband Todd Keith is senior editor at Thicket.

Garrick Stone, Thicket’s advertising director and partner in the magazine, will serve as the new advertising director for Birmingham magazine. Before, he was sales director at Portico and a senior account executive at Birmingham-based Black and White.

Thicket launched in January 2008 as a bimonthly Alabama-focused publication with 10 issues to date. Birmingham magazine‘s current edition began in 1961 and publishes monthly through the Birmingham Business Alliance, which combined the Metropolitan Development Board and the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

No word yet as to how Thicket plans to move forward.

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EXCLUSIVE: One-third of Birmingham magazine staff exits during Chamber merger

Joe O'DonnellThe Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, which publishes Birmingham magazine, has been involved in a merger with the Metropolitan Development Board and Region 2020 to form a streamlined group. The name will be announced Tuesday.

But in the process, Joe O’Donnell, editor of Birmingham magazine for the past 22 years, pictured at left, ended his stay there Thursday. Media of Birmingham has learned that four other Birmingham magazine staff members have also left:

  • Robin Colter Creative director Robin Colter
  • Cathy Fingerman Advertising sales director Cathy Fingerman
  • Jane Higdon Account executive Jane Higdon
  • Mary Ellen Stancil Associate editor Mary Ellen Stancil

O’Donnell, who was offered a post-merger position at the magazine but declined, told the News:

“I’ve had a great staff, freelance writers and photographers over the years. It’s been a great run. I wish the new organization the best. I think the combination of the chamber, Region 2020 and MDB will have a great impact on the area.”

No word as to if these positions will be filled. The departures represent a third of the current staff of 15 to 16 members.

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