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EXCLUSIVE: Pavo Magazine to fold

Pavo MagazinePavo Magazine, a Birmingham-based arts and culture online publication, will shut down Saturday.

In an e-mail sent this afternoon, marketing director Lauren Lippeatt wrote:

Dear Pavo Supporters,

Pavo began with a dream of uniting communities and spreading the wealth of inspiration that exists in Birmingham. Janet Elizabeth Simpson and Lauren Lippeatt are the two halves of Pavo, each balancing each other and the publication in their own dynamic ways. In the last few months, we have being heading towards a crossroads that is now taking our Lauren in a different direction. Pavo just isn’t Pavo without both of its equal halves. To that end, it is with extreme gratitude that we now conclude this adventure.

We at Pavo Magazine wish to thank you for your amazing support and for believing in our dream for Birmingham. It is with some sadness that we close this chapter of our lives, but we eagerly look forward to what opportunities lie ahead. On May 15, we will publish our public farewell. We will continue to support and promote your events during the next few weeks through our calendar. In our remaining days, please let us know how we can best support you.

Warmest Regards,

Lauren Lippeatt and Janet Elizabeth Simpson

The magazine’s 9-month run started in September.

Update May 15: Pavo closes out with three essays. Post 1 | post 2 | post 3.

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