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The laughs are on them

For all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!

And a special treat for our journalist friends, some of whom will be working during the holiday weekend, a little humor to pass the time.

First up, the Twitter sensation, Fake AP Stylebook, @fakeapstylebook.

Also: “Fake AP Stylebook Twitter Feed Lands an Agent”

• • •

Next, check out Overheard in the Newsroom, available in Facebook and Twitter (@ohnewsroom) flavors, too.

• Columnist filling out journalism contest entry form: “Shit. I almost put ‘alcohol’ where it asks you your hobbies.”

• Reporter: “So wait… you essentially want me to add 100 words worth of nothing. OK.”

“Oh, another furlough day. That’s like having sex and then finding out you have to pay for it.”

Reporter: “Isn’t that strange?” Other Reporter: “If everybody did things that were perfectly normal, we would be out of a job.”

Producer on how cold the newsroom is: “My urine is freezing inside of me.”