Job posting: B’ham News hiring for ‘Lipstick’

Scott Walker, one of the assistant managing editors at the News, has passed us word of a new glossy, monthly magazine for “smart, fun, fearless women” in the works by the advertising department. The editor-in-chief has been hired but they are looking for a managing editor, part-time designer, sales manager and administrative assistant. You can find all the information you need at To get you started, here’s a direct link to the managing editor listing.

2 responses to “Job posting: B’ham News hiring for ‘Lipstick’

  1. Hello, please add me to your mailing list. Also, add me as a friend on myspace. I’m looking forward to joining the mixer on the 17th. Peace.

  2. have a lot of art to offer. see my stuff on look under the heading people ( ceraso5) could use some frelance work.

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