Next career: public relations

Birmingham journalists are facing tough times in the industry. Some are already out of work, while others are working harder than ever while facing budget and job cuts.

One option: public relations.

Washington blogger Lori Russo shares her ideas in a post called “Helping Reporters Out … In a Different Way” on her All Thoughts Considered blog. Russo worked previously as an assignment editor and sports producer at a Baltimore TV station. Now, she serves as vice president of Stanton Communications, a PR firm.

She lists attributes that journalists possess that would make them good PR practitioners:

  • Blinding Flash of the Obvious – You Know the Media
  • You Know the Anatomy of an Interview
  • You Know How to Sell an Idea

And she writes:

For journalists (or soon-to-be former journalists) looking to launch new careers, the field of public relations is a logical place to begin. Having made the transition from television to PR 10 years ago, I can confirm that there is a great deal of cross-over between the two industries and that a journalist’s skills translate very nicely into PR. We’re all storytellers – we just happen to be on different sides of the curtain.

If you’ve made the jump from journalism to public relations, let us know how it’s gone for you.

2 responses to “Next career: public relations

  1. I reluctantly crossed over to the “dark side,” but found it can be lucrative and still allows me to freelance. It’s not so bad on the other side. 🙂

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