Southern Accents shuts down

Southern Progress drops second magazine in nine months

Southern Accents coverTime Inc. closed Birmingham-based magazine Southern Accents today, but plans on continuing the site No word as to what will happen to the employees of the magazine.

Southern Accents is the second Southern Progress magazine to fold in nine months, following Cottage Living’s demise in November. Ad revenue for Southern Accents dropped a whopping 32.1 percent from the first six months of 2008 to the same period of this year.

Update: Southern Accents’ 20 employees are laid off, though editor-in-chief Karen Carroll could stay on with Southern Progress in another capacity. Also, executive vice president Sylvia Auton came from New York to deliver the news to staff in person.

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6 responses to “Southern Accents shuts down

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  2. As a traditionalist architect I am still feeling a sense of loss since learning of the news on a visit in Mountain Brook last week. I have looked forward to every single issue of SA since March-April 2002, in which you included the excellent feature “Masters of the House”.
    Regarding the drop in advertising, did this happen to correlate with the switch to cheaper paper stock? The photographs did not print nearly as well, and design is all about details…
    You will be greatly missed. Sincerely, Tom M.

    • We share your pain.

      I don’t think it’s solely because of paper stock. The link in our post shows a big drop across many shelter mags, and I’m guessing most haven’t changed their paper stock.

      Thanks for commenting.

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