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Media of Birmingham, the final phase

patio mixer

It’s been a good run, one that will continue online.

Media of Birmingham will no longer be an active networking organization. The board of directors, which started in July 2010, voted to disband on Aug. 7 and to turn organizational control and assets back to me, Wade Kwon.

I thank board president Sally Reilly and the other directors for their service during the past 2 years. Their efforts have continued the group’s outreach and training among Birmingham-area media professionals. In addition, they have raised $883.94 through ticket sales to events.

As you may recall, I formed the board in 2010 to take responsibility for the organization. The duties had become too time consuming for myself and another volunteer. This was my last-ditch effort to keep the group going and to create a sustainable model.

Alas, even the board was unable to continue after 2 years. If you’ve ever served as a board member, a nonprofit volunteer or staff member, you’ll know that it can be difficult to find capable, passionate advocates who are not paid (or paid very little). Without active leadership, no organization can hope to grow or even maintain viability.


The money will remain frozen in a bank account until Dec. 31, in case any vendors have outstanding invoices. Former board president Sally Reilly will help monitor the bank account until it is closed in 2013.

To renew the domain and domain mapping for the next 12 months, I spent $20.20 this week, as I have done in the past 2 years.

If you believe Media of Birmingham owes you money for past services, please contact me by Dec. 14.

On Jan. 2, the money will be allocated as follows:

1. Approximately $80.80 for domain and domain mapping through 2017.

2. The remaining $800 (minus any bank service charges) to be donated to a Birmingham-area 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If your organization serves media professionals — journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations, new media — and is interested in receiving this one-time gift, please fill out this form by Dec. 14.

(Note: I automatically remove the Alabama Social Media Association from the running because of my conflict of interest as one of its board members.)


On Oct. 31, the Media of Birmingham email list, Facebook group and LinkedIn group will be closed. These channels require trained volunteers for upkeep and, by my assessment, have not been tended to in a long time.

I sent a note today to each of these groups.

(I still have to sort through some of the leftover MOB email. You haven’t lived till you’ve sorted through 2,000 pieces of email, trying to guess which, if any, have been answered.)


The good news is that this site, MediaofBirmingham.com, will remain up and running for at least the next 5 years. And likely forever, or as long as we have websites, as the cost is relatively small.

I will continue to post reports about the ever-changing landscape of Birmingham media, as time permits. Our colleagues and neighbors have shown a continued interest in news about our various industries, companies and outlets.

I welcome guest contributors. If you’re interested in contributing stories, photos or video, contact me.

Note: Because of time limitations, I will no longer be posting job listings, event notices or media releases.

You can continue to receive the latest updates by RSS or by email (subscribe using the form in the right sidebar).


When I helped create this organization 9 years ago, little did I know how much turmoil our city’s media outlets and agencies would endure:

  • the loss of two daily newspapers;
  • the shrinking of every TV operation;
  • the rise and fall of so many magazines and nondaily newspapers and blogs and other sites;
  • the annihilation of local radio;
  • the war on Alabama Public Television;
  • the evaporation of thousands of local jobs;
  • the spawning of boutique agencies, independent professionals and digital specialists; and
  • the birth and death of groups for media types.

Never has the need been greater for veterans and greenhorns to connect, not just online but in person. To network, to learn, to comfort, to laugh.

I wish our fellow Birmingham groups — those that have been around and those yet to be — as much success as we have seen this past decade. I’m proud of having been part of such a robust organization, and look forward to continuing to serve you through my occasional reporting and writing on this site.

Thank you for being a part of the MOB.

Wade Kwon is a co-founder of Media of Birmingham and a Birmingham journalist for 25 years.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below or using our contact form.

The path forward

Change can be terrifying. It can be unsettling. Or it can shake things up, shove things forward.

MOB nametagsChange has come to Media of Birmingham.

Our humble organization begins an exciting new phase this month, one that will help us grow and make the group more useful to members and community alike.

While big changes have rocked the industries we inhabit, we at the MOB have not done enough to prepare you for those changes that affect our companies, our careers and our lives. So let us take a peek at what’s coming next for the MOB.

In March, we started by asking for volunteers to serve on a board of directors. After we received applications, we sat down with each applicant for a short interview.

The board members have been selected and notified; you’ll meet them shortly.

This board will guide the MOB from this point forward. We couldn’t have asked for a more talented, more diverse group of passionate, innovative and experienced people to lead us.

They will canvass the membership for ideas, suggestions and help. You are the MOB; you have a say in what this group stands for and how it can best serve you.

They will formalize their own structure, so that the volunteer leadership can be sustainable. This will allow them to renew the board over time to avoid burnout or staleness.

They will plan for next month, next year and the coming years. But they will not be burdened by history. What the MOB was in 2003 in the beginning, or in 2009, will not necessarily be the MOB of 2010 and beyond. What you and they dream up can be done.

I do not have a vision for the MOB. I have been fortunate in having a hand in guiding this group for the last few years, and blessed to have Andrea Walker as a partner in coordinating events this past year.

But it is time for a new group to take the reins. My vision ended with assembling this board. After I hand over the virtual keys to them, my role will be that of member and volunteer, and if needed, advisor.

I am extremely grateful to the new board for stepping forward to take on this assignment. I’m thankful for our many volunteers over the years who have helped this group grow and pull off great events. I tip my hat to founder Christina Tutor for getting us started on the right foot.

And I step aside with only one regret: that we didn’t do more as a group in these last few years.

I look forward to many more years of MOB membership, to attending panels and mixers not as a harried greeter but as a regular attendee, and to posting more exclusive updates about Birmingham’s media scene to our website.

Change has come to Media of Birmingham, and with it, new possibilities.

Wade Kwon

Photo by J&M Photography and Design.